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You can find more info on Alaire in the "Different Verses" page. What's he's like depends on the verse.

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After so Long //@ bestia-di-sangue


The prince sighed as he sat at his study. It had been such a slow day at the Candy Kingdom palace and he felt it was the perfect day for a nap. But duties came first.

Stifling a yawn, Gumball stretched out in his chair before pushing up his glasses. Lavender eyes glanced over to the pile of papers on his desk as he straightened up. Might as well finish and then… bake!

A lazy day made the perfect opportunity for the pink male to bake without any interruptions.

"It’s been a while." Alaire was standing behind Gumball, words whispered into his ear in a purr as he stretched in his chair. "Miss me?" The beast prince straightened up, standing more properly now. Tail flicked and swayed behind him, Alaire clearly happy to see Gumball after months of separation. Only it had felt like years.